Titania- Gathering Of The Gargoyles 2001

Winner -Best Of Show (Staff Member)



Earlier I did say I hated to wear body paint. Yes, I still stand by that, but this was the one time I made an acceptation. Gathering 2001 was my third and favorite Gathering. Since this was the fifth anniversary of The Gathering conventions, I wanted to make a costume of a character from the actual show. It was my senior year at SFSU and sitting and making a complicated gargoyle costume was out of the question. So I went for another magical character, that didn't have wings or major hardware. I always loved how the animators designed the Faerie Queen. Building her was quite a task.

Most of my effort went into the making of her cape. Titania had rather pointy epaulets and a long draping cape. I used buckram to get the shape of the applets reinforced by wire so it would mold to my shoulder shape. The clasp was an old brooch I found. I gold leafed the metal and added the red stone. Getting the fabric to drape correctly off my back and to my wrists took a lot of trial and error. In the end I had to wear high heels to get the fall of the cape just right. A plus to the heels was the long line it gave my legs. The skirt was built into the belt piece which made it very easy to get in and out of. The closure of the belt is built on my hip to keep my front line smooth. I hand beaded the belt with gold bugle beads and red beads. The circle piece is made from an old necklace my mom was planning on throwing away. I gold leafed it and attached it to the belt to make the buckle the stone hanging from it is an old earring I found. My shirt is made from a red leotard. I cut it in half and sewed on the green velvet panel and the gold trim. A space in the back was left without trim so I could pull the shirt on over my chest. The bottom half of the leotard was worn to keep me from looking indecent.