NAME? - Cindy Kinnard. AKA: Cins, CinsAngel, Eden

BIRTHDAY? - 2-27-76.

LOCATION?- California. USA

OCCUPATION? - I'm a costume designer in Southern California. I mainly work in theater.

EDUCATION?-Bacholors Degree in Theater Arts from San Fransico State University. Masters of Fine Arts in Costume Design from San Diego State University. Currently writing thesis.

HOBBIES? - Drawing, role playing, sewing, cosplaying, singing, action figure collecting (on a small scale), watching cartoons. SCA, mindless movie trivia.

IS THAT YOUR REAL HAIR COLOR?- Yup..I'm a natural redhead. No. You can't check to make sure.

CAN I EMAIL YOU? -If you want to take the time to, I'd love it! (Unless its some weird scary cerial killer type email) FYI, I am slow in responding if I can. Mostly because I'm busy with work and because..well I'm scatterbrained when it comes to emails. I'll admit it..I forget constantly! But if you're still game after that explanation, drop me a line at edengarg (at) hotmail DOT com.

CAN YOU DO A PIC FOR ME?-I'd be happy too. But unfortunately, I can only take paid comissions. My bank account too pathedic to not charge for pics. Email me for prices if youre interrested!

DO YOU TAKE COSTUME COMISSIONS?- Only on rare occasions (like when I'm broke >.<). But not last minute ones. Email me at least three months in advance if you want a costume comission.

DO YOU DO PIC TRADES?- Unfortunately I don't have the time anymore these days to do pic trades. Sorry.

WILL YOU WORK ON MY PROJECT?- Sorry. I don't have the time or the gumption to work on anything outside of my own projects. But thanks for asking!

OTHER WEBSITES?- Naomi Lewis: Demon Hunter, Elfwood Fantasy and Fanart Galleries, Deviantart