The Taming Of The Shrew : SDSU - 2004

Directed by Peter Larlham

Winner- SDSU Best Costume Design 2004




Taming of The Shrew was my thesis project and I couldn't have asked for a better one. I could write pages and pages on this show (and if fact, I AM writing pages and pages for my thesis.)

This particular production was interesting because of the cross gender casting. The women played the men and the men played the women. It was particularly challenging to make the males look female without resulting to men in drag. We all did our best to avoid a drag show. The director wanted to show to look spontaneous. Though out the production, actors would throw open trunks and dress themselves on stage. I used a blend of many different periods, using certain garment shapes from the times to give the actors either feminine or masculine qualities. The spontaneous costuming also led to many fantastic sight gags (See the fake beard that is actually a fox fur in the photos)

Shrew was a big challenge and very rewarding when it opened. I was proud of this show because it truly put a stamp on what I consider "My Style" onto it. Unfortunately I don't have my renderings up here because they are far too big for my scanner. I plan to take some photos of them as soon as I get a chance...and good lighting.