Club Seaworld Presents, Deep Terror : SDSU - 2003

Collaborative Studies

Tria Marker

I always enjoyed working on the projects for Seaworld. They always lead to very creative and fun projects. This Halloween we were to present a special show environment for their Club Seaworld showcases.

My team's theme was Deep Terror. Our story? A giant fish once swallowed a cruise ship and over the years slowly mutating the passengers inside. Seaworld hooked this fish and now throws concerts and dance parties inside. Our facade was a giant angler fish that you would walk through to see the concerts inside. For the six dancers I wanted a definite tropical fish look to them all. I used today's fashions and combined them with tropical colors and fish shapes. Their hair is sculpted into fin shapes and colored brightly as well.

The MC and DJ I wanted to look human but distressed and torn. The Octopus tentacles on the DJ ties in with the shape of the DJ's booth. We wanted him to look like he was being held in a Giant Octopus, so the tentacles would attach themselves to the booth.