Saturday Night : SDSU - 2003

Directed by Paula Kalustian

Winner- SDSU Best Costume Design 2003


Saturday Night was a big challenge for me. Unlike musicals I have designed in the past, it was neither one that was flashy or whimsical. It is what my professors affectionately refer to as a "brown show". In other words, a show about ordinary people.

The musical itself is Stephan Sondhiem's first. Overall its a piece of fun fluff. The Story circled around a small group of friends in 1929 Brooklyn New York who's biggest problem is trying to find dates on Saturday night. The show split its locations between a old house in Brooklyn, and New York City. Many of the themes consisted of upper class versus middle class, and wanting more than you need in life. I wanted to make a distinct split between the classes. The city people were put in cooler tones and blacks and whites which gave them an impersonal feel. The gang were kept in warmer more comforting tones to make them more appealing.

Another challenge was costuming for a small ensemble. The show is scripted to have a large chorus of 10. This production only had 5. Each member had to play multiple parts. I experimented with body padding, wigs, and facial hair changes to make sure each character was very different from the one played before.

I hit many obstacles with this one, but I felt the outcome is one of my best works.