Ring Around The Moon : SDSU -2001

Design Class


Another design project. Ring Around The Moon is a three act French comedy usually set in the mid twenties. But to test our creativity, the professor set it in the late 1900's during the end of the Belle Epoch. This became one of my all time favorite periods in fashion. The fashions for ladies were so unique and I still have yet to see a period match it in its delicate feminine feel.

We were only assigned to design the second act which was set in a grand ballroom during a lavish party. To give myself inspiration, I chose and object or animal to base the look off each character. Here are my favorites from the project.

From left to right: Capulet is a sad older woman who longs to live a romantic life. Her look is based off a tear top as if her gown is crying. Mme, Deteriorates is the stern matron of the house who is surprisingly still alive. To get the feeling of that oldness, her dress is designed to look like cobwebs and dust, as if she has been sitting in that chair for centuries. The brooch in her hair is slightly spider like. Diana is a spoiled manipulative daughter of the house. I wanted her to be catlike, down to the tail like train of her dress, to her jeweled collar. Lady India is the vain romantic with no real grasp of reality. Her looks is an over blown ostridge, large but not exactly beautiful.

Isabelle is the lovely delicate leading lady. Her character is also a dancer. I wanted her look to me a butterfly. Her dress gossamer and light and her tiara covered with dangles that flutters when she walks. Messershman is the gruff man of the house who is actually a soft man under his shell. I wanted him to look like a bear, frightening, yet soft and cuddly. Isabelle's Mother is doting, meddling and vain. Choosing another bird, her look was based off a turkey. Patrice was an interesting character. A very ambiguous character I wanted him to have a both masculine and feminine look. So I nipped is waist in to give him an hour glass shape.

This was my second piece using pastels. I was taught a different technique and the results were much more pleasing than my first venture with pastels. Unfortunately it was very time consuming. When I have a good amount, I would love to use pastels again on a rendering project.