Ramona The Pest :Junior Theater- 2006

Directed by Evangeline Biskto


My first show at San Diego Junior Theater, and I really has a blast doing it. Ramona The Pest is based off the books by Beverly Cleary. I remember reading those books when I was a kid and was excited to work on a show that has some nostalgia for me. The production team started with the idea of the set. We wanted the whole play to have a wholesome 1950's feel to it. The set designer thought a fun way to convay this was by building the set out of giant Tinker Toys. This helped me jump start my brain for ideas.

I wanted the play to have the same look as the book covers. Cartoony, simple, colorful and fun. I used the many book covers as my jumping point to capture each charater. Then I accented the ensemble with a little 1950's here and there to make everything look slightly period, but not completely. It turned out looking timeless but with a feel of nostalgia

I truly loved working on this show and going back to my childrens theater roots. The cast was wonderful and the theater itself is one I hope to keep coming back to.