Original Pirate - Cosplay.com Campout Photoshoot September 2003



I just wanted to be a pirate one day. That's pretty much the long and short of it. Another costume I did for a cosplay.com photo shoot. I had already seen Pirates of the Caribbean and was itching to join in the fun. One thing I love about this costume is all of it is made of left overs. All the fabrics were used in costumes previous to it so overall, the sucker was pretty dang cheep.

The only purchases were the hat and the Boots, both from Ebay. The hat was a generic hat blank I bought then steamed and decorated with Feathers and Buttons. The hair ties were made by my friend Julie who was on a Friendship bracelet making frenzies. I attached them all to hair clips and decorated them with beads to give them a bit of flair. I think the hair ties gave the costume a nice Pirates Of The Caribbean flair to it all.

I do want to come back to this costume sometime soon. I want to make a cassock coat to go over the whole thing. I think that would finish off the entire outfit. But At the time, having no sleeves in the hot summer sun was a God send.

Some Pictures taken by Kyle at cosplay.com