Fire Phoenix - Labyrinth Ball 2005



Jen, Steph, and I wandered back to Labyrinth Ball. This time we were FAR more prepared. We decided to go as three of the elements: Fire, Water, and Earth. We thought it would be a fun idea for each element to have a bit of a theme to it. Jen was a Sea Siren, Steph was a Wood Nymph, and I went as a Fire Phoenix.

I wanted it to have a bit of a middle eastern/belly dancing feel to it. The skirt is layered with different velvets and Chiffons to look like flames. The barettes are crafy foam, painted like flames, some feathers and a TON of ribbons and beads.

I had a particularly fun time putting the wings together. I wanted them to look like a bird's wings than an angel's. Since they were so light, I sewed them directly to the back of the shirt. It made it a bit complicated to sit at times. But luckily they were flat enough to lean back on in most chairs.

Steph did our face painting. I was very happy to go all out this Ball and have to time to be very creative. Though next year I plan to go for something far more simple and easy to move in.