The Three Nymphs - Labyrinth Ball 2004. Commission/Personal Work


I wish I had more pictures of these costumes than I do. But I stupidly left my camera behind that night. Labyrinth Ball is a costume ball in Southern California themed after the movie Labyrinth and art work by Brian Froud. My friends Jen and Stephanie thought it would be fun to go. And we were right. Since its a theme evening We all decided it would be fun to go as a trio. Granted we didn't have anything specific in mind. but somehow we all became nymphs for the evening. Each of us had a Theme. Jen's was night. Stephanie's was Animals, and mine was the woods. For my costume I wanted to go for a Alphonse Mucha influence. The headdress is my favorite part. I managed to put it together using two headbands, some wood cutouts and lots of fake leaves and flowers.

The other two Nymph costumes I put together as well. Stephanie made her own headdress and put together her accessories. Jen painted her own mask. Overall I thought we looked adorable. It was a grand evening and the three of us are planning on attending next year. We're not sure as what, but chances are we'll be a theme trio again.

Special Thanks to Jen and Aimee who took these pictures!