Nowhere To Run : Y.A.W. -2000

Directed by Susan Worthing


My last Summer solo job at Y.A.W and probably my favorite cast I worked with. Nowhere was an adaptation of the slap stick comedy movie What's Up Doc? Set in the mid 1960's, Nowhere gave me a wonderful chance to use some bright colors and fun sixties motifs. The year before, Austin Powers II was released so the cast were very excited about getting to wear the modish clothing. In fact, the Austin Powers movies were my base source of inspiration for my color palate and feel for the show.

While there were no animals of magical creatures in this particular show (A strange occurrence for a Y.A.W. play) I still was able to have a great deal of fun with the eccentric characters - the Beatles knock off band The Bumble Bees and their "fabulous" manager, a pair of international spies, and a trio of bumbling (yet well dressed) Diamond thieves.

A first for me with Nowhere was I received a budget that was larger that one hundred dollars. So I was able to build five of the dresses. It was also my first venture into patterning when I had to redesign a pattern to fit the figure of the actress. Although Nowhere wasn't as eye catching as the previous City of Light/City of Dark, It still holds many wonderful memories for me of teaching the cast about 1960's fashion and simply talking and laughing with them backstage. Nowhere To Run will always have a special place in my heart.