Titania v2.0- Gathering Of The Gargoyles 2004/Gargoyles Season 1 DVD



Once again I go against my "No Body Paint!" ethics and brought Titania back out for viewing. Gathering 2004 was a special one. Disney sent a film crew to film our Gargoyles con. The footage will be put on the up coming Gargoyles Season 1 DVD as a documentary on the Gathering. So there was a huge want of cannon characters. While I had a completely different (and original) costume in mind, I though it would be far easier and more in the spirit of things if I brought Titania back out to play. Imagine my surprise when I realized it still fit! A bit more snug now yes, but it still fit!

This time around I spruced her up a bit. She was almost 4 years old and was in need of extra special care. I added the actual belt buckle to the hip piece. I used some basic craft metal and beads. The big change between Titania 2001 and Titania 2004 was the makeup. My friend Jen was able to find me a perfect green color which looked far more like the original design than the strange greenish blue color I used in 2001. It also washed off far easier and I only spent 20 minutes in the shower as opposed to two hours. My other friend Patrick (Who is pictured as puck here) Was able to pick me up a pair of prosthetic ear tips which finished off the costume perfectly. That combined with the fact my hair had gone bizarrely straight for the summer made the look complete. Overall I'm far happier with the latest version of Titania even though the costume itself is still the same overall. If I had the time I would have made actual gauntlets for it. Alas, this was Titania's final appearance in public. Because she is so dang old and slowly falling apart, she was retired at Gathering of the Gargoyles 2004. But being on a widely released DVD (You can see me in the cosplay footage!) she went out with a BANG.