Love In The Mix '98 : Y.A.W. -1998

Director: Susan Worthing

My first solo design job at Y.A.W. I worked as an assistant costume designer four years prior to this show. Kent Nelson, the former resident costume designer had to step down so I stepped in and designed the show. So with a whopping fifty dollar budget (I kid you not) I set to work.

Love In The Mix '98 was a revival of a popular play Y.A.W. put on a few years before I started working there. Since it was the 15th anniversary of the program, reviving the show seemed fitting. The story is simply Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, set to music, with a few added characters and silly twists to go with it.

As I said, I only had about fifty to a hundred dollars to play with on this budget, so I did more of my work by pulling costumes from stock and altering them to fit my needs. The fairies were especially fun. Each faerie had a specific element (i.e. The flower faerie, the vine faerie) Some turned out wonderfully, others not so wonderful. The lightening faerie looked slightly wilted. One thing I did learn while working on this show was how to be creative on a small budget.