Laugh In 2001 : SDSU - 2001

Design Class

Tria Marker

A small project rendering wise, but a project I learned a lot from. The first time I dabbled with the idea of costuming for a television show. The concept was simple. NBC planned to revive the famous 1960's sketch comedy show Laugh-In. Chris Rock would host, Cameron Diaz would be the Goldie Hawn type in the company, and Janet Reno would make a special appearance in a sketch as a chain smoking trailer park resident. I was happy with how lively my renderings came out. I laid down the color right over my colerase pencil then added some black ink here and there for emphasis of shadow. Instead of going for a straight 1960's revival, I went for more of a modern day appearance with a 60's retro feel to it.

What I learned most with this project is less about rendering and more about presentation. My professor gave us wonderful pointers on how to pitch a show to a producer, how a costume designer works in the field of television, and how to costume for specific stars.