Indiana Jones aka Cindiana Photoshoot 2003 / ComicCon 2003



Overall just a fun easy "I bought this at K-mart" costume I did for Halloween. I have always been a huge fan of Indiana Jones since I was a little kid. So finally dressing up as him was a lot of fun. Originally, Indy was going to be made for the ComicCon masquerade ball where me and some girlfriends would go as the female versions of the Indiana Jones characters. But we all became too sleepy to go through with it. The costume was finally completed for Halloween 2002.

There are many versions of Indiana I could have chosen but decided on the Temple of Doom version. The main reason is because I couldn't afford a leather jacket. The second is because I really loved how distressed his costume became. Looking at my pictures now, I think I could have taken the distressing a lot further. And chances are I probably will if I ever hall it out for wear again. I do consider Indy to be a work in progress. There are many things I still wish to add such as the epaulets on the shoulders and the pleats down the front of his shirt. I would also someday like to find nicer accessories. Even though its not what I consider my best costume, it's the most recognized and favorite of my friends.

Most of these pictures were taken by Kyle the, admin.