Ginny Weasley - Halloween 2003/Cosplay.Com Picnic 2004



I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and simply had to make a Hogwarts uniform! The costume is almost entirely Store bought from a thrift store across the street from my apartment. the sweater I found at JC Penny. I went in with some Fabric paint and painted on the trim by hand. The Tie and the wand were bought online from a wonderful Harry Potter themed site. The Gryffindor patch was bought on Ebay. They have every house available.

The Robe I made from left over black fabric I found in my fabric stashes. The first pattern I found for a robe in my size was not like the ones in the movies. But the second time I wore my Ginny Costume I remade the robe more accurately using a nice light weight polished cotton.

 Photos Taken By Kyle from, Eurobeat King, And Agent Sakur9