Honk!: SDSU 2004

(Craft Work)

Designer: Jennifer Hansom

Honk is a fantastic musical version of the Ugly Duckling. Jennifer did an amazing job putting together a design that made all the actors look like animals without putting them in animal costumes. One of the highlights of this design were the wigs. That's where I came in.

The wigs in Honk were very simple. A thermoplastic base that we built over with foam strips. The foam was dyed with Rit die to the appropriate color. I detailed them later with sharpie pens for high and low lights.The shapes of the hair were built using fiberfill then layering the strips over it. For the specific curves such as the bangs and flipped hairs, I inserted floral wire into the foam strips and bent accordingly.

Honk was a blast to work on. I enjoyed doing all the headpieces, even though I suffered from way to many hot glue gun burns on my fingertips.