Gruoch MacBeth - Gathering Of The Gargoyles 2004. Comission Work

A costume on the fly I did for my friend Jen for Gathering of the Gargoyles 2004. If anyone knows the show, MacBeth had a beautiful young wife named Gruoch. But as usual for me and Jen, time was not our friend. Jen became hung up with work and family and I became hung up with other duities. The chances of us getting together to work on the dress was close to impossible. So I bought a pattern and put the dress together for one day. I have to say thats the main reason I am particularly proud of this costume. I was able to put it together so very fast.

Jen and I took some liberties with the costume mainly in the sleeves. She and I both love those long flowing sleeves so we desides on those instead to Gruoch's usual straight sleeves. I also had to add some trim to the bottom because the pattern was too short. But oeverall I think that Jen looked lovely in the gown (not to mention purple is HER color!) I was really happy with the final result. And I was mostly happy because she enjoyed the dress so much that evening.