Kayako: The Grudge/Ju On- Halloween 2004


This is one of those costumes you do very last minute for Halloween. So I'll admit it. Its very ghetto. But I still had a fun time wearing it. I went to see The Grudge with a large group that October and was terrified out of my mind for the rest of the night. Granted, it's not considered a horror masterpiece by any means but it did scare the Hell out of me.

My Boyfriend and I needed last minute Halloween costumes, We threw together a Shaun Of The Dead costume for him. I could have simply worn one of my old costumes. (My Pirate costume being an old standby) But it was Halloween and I wanted to do something spooky. So I pulled out my old wig from my Read Or Die cosplay and my makeup kit and Tah Dah! Instant, Kayako....in a way. No one really knew who I was supposed to be, but the ones that figured it out really got a kick out of it.

You can see my cat ruining the mood of most of these pics. God love my kitty!

And if you're a fan of Japanese Horror, rent Ju On: The Grudge, before you check out the America version. Its fantastic.