Eden- Gathering Of The Gargoyles 2000

Winner: Best of Show- Honorable Mention


This was my first time I ever masqueraded/cosplayed at a convention. Gathering Of The Gargoyles was held in Orlando, Florida and was the second Gargoyles convention I ever attended. The Masquerade at the previous Gathering was very intriguing to me. And also very fun. I love how intricate and detailed the fans would get with their costumes. I also love how most of them seem to be able to create a costume out of virtually nothing.

So I thought I would give it a chance. Sometime in the middle of the year I decided to attend the 2000 masquerade as my own personal gargoyle character, Eden. Coming up with how to do it was the challenge. One thing I did not want to do was go for a realistic portrayal of Eden. For one, I didn't have the funds to create the latex horns, or leathery wings, and most of all, I absolutely hate body paint. I avoid it whenever possible.

After browsing through a few of my costuming books, I came across a few photos of Julie Taymor's work. She was the director/designer of Broadway's The Lion King. That was when I thought a more theatrical presentational costume might be a fun route. But in no way do my costumes even begin to compare to the work of Ms. Taymor. She is a wonderful inspiration though.