CARZ: SDSU - 2003

Directed by Margaret Larlham

Winner- SDSU Best Costume Design 2003



Carz was an interesting and wonderful show to work on. It bought me back to my roots during my Y.A.W days. Carz was an original show that toured the elementary schools in the San Diego area. The plot was a retelling of the history of the car seen through the eyes of three sisters who grew up along with the invention. The company was given a subject and from there, the script, songs, and dances were all built from scratch.

I found I had to work closely with the entire team. Myself, Margaret, and James the set designer had weekly meetings on how the show would achieve a perfect look of unity. One of the main ideas James and I came up with was the idea of abstractly setting the entire play in a garage. The actors would in turn appear to be mechanics in coveralls and overalls. Auto and highway motifs decorated these base costumes to give them a whimsical feeling. Many transformations in setting and characters happened in a split second. I approached this by using costume pieces to put over their base costumes. James and I chose a light color pallet of the 1950's, what we considered the Hay Day of the automobile.

This was the most fun I ever had designing a show at SDSU. Working with Margaret, James, and the entire cast was a wonderful collaboration experience. I would work with any of them again in a heartbeat.