Disney's Beauty And The Beast: CCT - 2005

Directed by Susan Jordan


If anyone tells you designing a Disney show is easy, they are lying. Beauty and the Beast was one of the most challenging shows I have ever done. This is mainly do to the many copyright issues dealing with the rights and royalties of the show. The production team wanted a piece that looked like the Broadway version. In the contracts of the show there is a strict clause that states the show cannot be copyed outright. So my challange was make the show resemble the Broadway version, yet not make it an exacty copy. It was a challenge considering there is a very distinct look to this show. And of course, I lacked the million dollar budget to work on.

I went for a pretty fairy tale look. I stuck with the staples of the show such as Belle's blue and gold dresses and chip being a head in a cup. The chorus was also made far larger so I had to think of a few additional objects for this production such as an egg beater, a whisk ,and a cookie sheet.

It was a hard production but thanks to the hard work of the costume shop it turned out to be a beautiful piece of eye candy.