Anything Goes! : SDSU - 2002

Directed by Paula Kalustian

Winner- SDSU Best Costume Design 2002



If I could be as lucky as I was to be a part of this amazing design team for my next show, I will be very happy. Anything Goes was my first show I designed in graduate school as well as my first full scale musical that was realized from sketch to stage. The process for this show was nothing short of magic. Our director Paula Kalustian did an amazing job getting the set designer, lighting designer, and myself to work together, creating what I think was a very seamless production design.

Most of Paula's vision was based off of Art Deco travel posters as well as the high fashions in Hollywood in the 1930's. The idea of this show was to create a decadent frivolous atmosphere that would make the audience forget bout the world outside the theater. This idea affected my color palette as well as my fabric choices. I wanted to colors rich and lavish and I attempted to work if broad strokes, avoiding any intricate details, to make the entire stage, set and all, to give the feel of stepping right into an art deco print.

Anything Goes was a show that held many firsts for me. It was the first show that I have a budget over five-hundred dollars, it was the first show where I had a full working shop working behind me, and it was the first show that was created exactly how I saw it in my mind. I hope I am lucky enough to work on a show that goes as smoothly as this one did.

Anything Goes also won Most Outstanding Costume Design for 2002 at San Diego State. I was especially proud of this for being only my first year of grad school.